Archer Threapleton
South Australia

01 Adelaide Threaplton family

For Archer’s family, his RCH journey began at a “desperate time.”

Archer had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, two serious neurological conditions. Epilepsy is a disorder characterised by seizures caused by a sudden, uncontrolled surge of electrical activity in the brain. Cerebral palsy is a condition affecting a person’s body movement, muscle control, posture and balance. It is caused by brain damage suffered during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Archer’s family were keen for a second opinion to ensure their son was getting the best possible treatment. When a friend mentioned that the RCH Neurology clinic had a good reputation, mum Vikki immediately made the call.

“When we called the clinic reception desk, Dr Andrew Kornberg happened to be there and agreed to see Archer on his day off. We’ve never looked back.”

At their first appointment, Vikki was “blown away” by Andrew and the care he gave Archer. Seeing that Archer’s seizures weren’t under control, Andrew arranged new medications for him.

“Our appointment with Andrew was the first time we were listened to, the first time we had a plan of attack. It was a huge relief and we decided then and there to keep travelling to Melbourne for Archer’s care. We’ve made the trip for over three years now.”

While Archer’s cerebral palsy is well managed through weekly occupational and physical therapy sessions, his epilepsy has been harder to control. Archer continues to outgrow his medication and experience seizures.

“Archer isn’t a candidate for epilepsy surgery, so medication is his only option. Andrew has to prescribe him enough medication to control Archer’s seizures, while also limiting the side effects like a worsened mood or irritability.”

Though Archer’s journey has been challenging, Vikki knows that Andrew is passionate about supporting children like her son.

“Andrew’s an amazing man and he’s doing an amazing thing with Fly for the Kids. We are forever grateful to him for his time, his care and his commitment to helping kids like Archer. He blows us away and we hope that Fly for the Kids is a big success.”