Made it through to Kununurra yesterday. An amazing flight with breathtaking sights of our beautiful country below. If anyone ever gets a chance to visit this part of Australia, do it! The flight was again bumpy as I shifted from a cruising altitude through cloud, to a lower altitude below the clouds but among the … Continued


Better late than never, I made it to Derby after cancelling my arrival yesterday. I fwas thrilled to fly over some incredible country to arrive in Derby this afternoon. I left Newman after a comfortable stopover and started my four hour flight. First I saw the amount of ground water around Newman and then, as … Continued


Like you I wasn’t expecting to be staying over in this lovely mining town about two hours inland.    arriving at Newman I finally got back in the skies this morning and headed inland from Carnarvon to Newman to avoid the nasty weather that just isn’t going away. I took some scenic shots on the way … Continued

Carnarvon – Sunday

Hi all. Unfortunately the weather today makes it imporrible for me to continue as planned(see below), so I’m spending another day in Carnarvon. I must thank the staff and management of Dest Western Hospitality Inn Carnarvon. We hadn’t arranged a stop in Carnarvon, but when it became evident one was required, the Hospitality Inn put … Continued

Carnarvon, still…

Well, I’m still in Carnavon and have been on weather watch the past 24 hours or so. You can see from the charts below how stormy it is in Karratha, so it is best that I stay here in Carnarvon until I get clearance to fly safely. I welcome a rest day, as the week … Continued


For those of you following my journey: you’re right, I wasn’t scheduled to stop in Carnarvon!  Touchdown in Carnarvon I experienced a slight delay waiting for the weather to clear in Geraldton this morning, but was greeted by some amazing views after take-off.   The conditions were good through to Carnarvon, but unfortunately the weather from there … Continued