Day 28 Touchdown at Avalon Airport!

Hi everyone, 28 days ago I took to the skies from the Australian International Airshow at Avalon Airport in Melbourne in front of a massive crowd to begin my Fly for the Kids adventure around Oz. Today’s return flight home was made in front of a much smaller crowd however they did ensure that I received a rousing reception!

Special thanks to all those that came out to Avalon today to welcome me home. It meant so much to see each and every one of you there, especially my patient Tom who travelled all the way from Colac with his mum and dad to greet me.

IMG_5576 IMG_5575

Tom had kept in touch with me throughout my travels via email and I can’t tell you how entertained those emails kept me during the trip. Thanks Tom!

Also, my thanks to the crew from the RCH Foundation, colleagues from the RCH, Good Friday Appeal, the amazing Team from Avalon Airport led by CEO Justin Giddings. I just can’t thank you enough Justin for your incredible support of Fly for the Kids. Truly, thank you for everything.

I am happy to let you all know that “Freedom” is snug & safe in her hangar at Moorabbin Airport this afternoon where she, like her Captain, is now enjoying some relaxation time after an unforgettable 28 days.


Thanks again to all those that came out for me today and to those of you following me here. I am thrilled to be home and thank you again for your wonderful support and friendships, they mean the world to me.


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  1. Wow! Sincere congrats Andrew, you’re a ⭐️Star⭐️!!! We have enjoyed following you around our great country! No doubt you created many lifelong memories, but best of all you helped raise so much for RCH & your wonderful program. Adam (prior patient) sends his congrats & best wishes. You are one doctor who left a huge impact on him……and us! Blessed to have met you and we are in awe of your efforts! Enjoy your own bed tonight & being reunited with your loved ones! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Congrats once again & take care, love the Cruickshank family xoxox 👍✈️😊❤️

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