It’s great to be in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, Victoria tonight! Back in my home state, albeit for one night only. After a short delay leaving Canberra this morning due to heavy fog, the two and a half hour flight to Bairnsdale was smooth and peaceful, my plane ‘Freedom’ bathed in the glorious morning sunshine, it was heavenly.

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I was delighted to be met at Bairnsdale Airport by two more of my special patients – Isabella and Olivia, together with their mums and sisters. Thanks so much for coming out to greet me, it was so great to see you all again.


Then we were off to Bairnsdale Secondary College to meet with students who have been busy fundraising for Fly for the Kids. I was honoured to accept a donation of $1,400 from the students, a FANTASTIC effort! I was so incredibly humbled by these kids and their efforts to support patients at the RCH. Thank you very much to all students and staff for making this wonderful donation possible.


I had such a good time with the students before heading off to enjoy some lunch with Olivia and her Mum at their home. Catching up with my patients is always a special occasion and today was no exception with Olivia and Rachael.

Soon it was time to head to my home away from home for the night, The Riversleigh. It’s a stunning boutique hotel and I feel very spoilt! This evening I was invited to the Bairnsdale Club to speak with members from the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale, an amazing service club. Their fundraising efforts have contributed almost $1,000 — another amazing example of phenomenal generosity.


I am so touched by the outpouring of kindness and support from each and every community that I have had the privilege of staying in over these past four weeks and Bairnsdale has maintained this exceptional level of support. Special thanks to Karly McCaskill, Marketing Manager – East Gippsland Marketing for her assistance in coordinating media and various activities in support of Fly for the Kids.

My thanks to everyone in Bairnsdale. My thanks also to Rachael and Olivia for spending time with me today, picking me up at the airport, for lunch and for driving me all over town, I am so grateful to you both. To Isabella and Mary, thanks for greeting me at the airport this morning, you all made for a wonderful welcoming party. To the students at staff at Bairnsdale Seconday College, thanks again for your amazing support. To the folks at The Riversleigh, thank you for your wonderful hospitality tonight. To the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale, my heartfelt thanks to you for the opportunity to share with you my RCH story and the story that is Fly for the Kids!

Tomorrow, I head to Hobart and the final few legs of what has been an incredible trip. Let’s hope the weather holds, a cold change is setting in so fingers crossed there are no further delays caused by bad weather! Signing off from Beautiful Bairnsdale, I will check in again tomorrow from Hobart Town.

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