I had a very enjoyable flight from the Sunshine Coast this morning, all went very well.

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After ten days of rain, Port Macquarie turned on near perfect conditions for my arrival. I was met at the airport by another of my special patients, Finn, along with his mum, Donna, and his grandparents. I was invited to visit Finn’s school, St Columba Anglican School, to chat with his teachers and schoolmates about Fly for the Kids and received a warm and welcoming reception. It was so great to spend time with Finn and everyone in his school.


A real highlight of my trip has been catching up with so many of my wonderful patients, just like Finn. Thanks also to Channel 7 for coming along and interviewing me about my trip so far, a wonderful opportunity to raise further awareness about the RCH Complex Movement Disorders Program.

After a very enjoyable time at Finn’s school, I was treated to a sightseeing expedition around Port Macquarie that included Lighthouse Beach and Tacking Point Lighthouse, Australia’s third oldest lighthouse. It has been a truly lovely day.


Special thanks to Donna, Finn’s mum, for her fundraising efforts for Fly for the Kids. Donna held a High Tea to raise funds on the weekend and if that wasn’t enough, I was honoured to be presented with a stunning piece of artwork, “Aeronauticus”, that had been purchased by Finn’s family in the silent auction. This gift is greatly cherished and deeply appreciated. Thanks so much guys, I really love it and can’t wait to put it on display. It will always remind me of our great day together.

Tonight, I am grateful for the hospitality offered by the team here at Rydges Port Macquarie – thanks for having me and for looking after me so well! I have some planning to do in preparation for my flight to Canberra tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to catching up with another awesome patient of mine – Brandon. I am mindful that I will be transiting Sydney and various military aero spaces on my way into the nation’s capital, so will do my best to ensure that I do everything right!

Thanks again to Donna, Finn, Simon, St Columba Anglican School, Rydges Port Macquarie and everyone who has helped to ensure that my day here today was a memorable one. I am deeply grateful to you all. For those of you back at home, it won’t be long now before I see you all again, I can’t quite believe I am in the final week of the trip!

PS Thank you to Uncle Bob’s Club for your wonderful donation of $2,000 today. You are just fantastic and the kids at the RCH and I really appreciate your support!


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  1. Hey Andrew! It’s a pleasure to support your worthy cause! Have been tracking your flight around Australia! Keep up the good work and hopefully we can see you flying back in to Melbourne when you get back! Let us know when and where!

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