My Darwin stay continues

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I was up at 4.30am this morning hoping that a break in the weather would allow me to continue my journey.

Unfortunately, I am still grounded in Darwin, but for very good reasons. Check out the images – argh!!! – below. This is an all too common weather pattern up here in the NT at this time of year and exactly what I need to avoid flying through. This weather can be extremely intimidating for commercial jet pilots who fly up here at this time of yea, so this is of some consolation, but it is also very frustrating!!!

16 Darwin weather 2  16 Darwin weather  16 Darwin cloud

I am grateful to Simon Chadbourne and his incredible Team at Rydges – Palmerston. They are quite happy to have me stick around and have certainly taken excellent care of me by continuing to sponsor my accommodation & breakfast – thanks so much!

13 Rydges Darwin Simon  13 Rydges bus 2

My hope is to fly tomorrow, Tuesday. While I am waiting out this weather I will reschedule my itinerary and let you all know in a future post.

I also appreciate hearing from you, so please do drop me a line and keep in touch. All of a sudden I feel quite far away from you all, so even a few sentences or two would go a long way in lifting my mood.

Thanks always, AJK

6 responses to “My Darwin stay continues

  1. Amazing weather radars and you have not even reached the east coast with maybe more of the same!!
    We have had 2 family cars written off with hail damage in Sydney recently and with all the floods does not look good for you and your little hedge hopper.
    Hope you are home in time for the Good Friday Appeal!!!!

  2. Hi Andrew

    Glad to hear you are safe albeit grounded in Darwin. We have had lovely weather here in Melbourne – sunny days, not too hot and coolish evenings. Idyllic! Sorry you are missing it all 🙂

    It’s quite unique what you are doing so enjoy it for as long as you can!

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Andrew
    Congrats on a great trip so far. I am very jealous and I wish I could such a trip. Remember that old saying when you aviate expect to be late.
    Amazing storms clouds.
    Safe flying – see you in Melbourne soon.
    Jane & Robin VH TTV

  4. Hi Andrew
    We met you a couple of years ago at RCH when you were looking after our grand-daughter who has SWS. We were impressed with the way you explained things to us about what was happening with our grand-daughter and your passion for the work that you do.
    We think this fund raising venture that you are undertaking is fantastic and hope that you safely complete the rest of your flights!!
    Best wishes
    Colin and Dinah

  5. Thanks to Simon Chadbourne and his staff at Rydges – Palmerston for looking after our Andrew. Don’t let him leave until the weather improves and it is safe for him to travel. We need him back here but in one piece!

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