Better late than never, I made it to Derby after cancelling my arrival yesterday. I fwas thrilled to fly over some incredible country to arrive in Derby this afternoon.

I left Newman after a comfortable stopover and started my four hour flight. First I saw the amount of ground water around Newman and then, as I ascended, I have a fantastic view across the Kimberly region. Words fail me, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

IMG_7849 IMG_7851 IMG_7858 IMG_7859

Arriving in Derby was wonderful. I was greeted by Sara Hennessy who only a day earlier had cancelled all my arrangements, as I was unable to reach Derby per my original schedule. Sara had arranged lots of opportunities for me in Derby through her position as Assistance Community Development Officer with the Shire of Derby. She picked up many pieces and brought together local medical students who I am speaking to tonight. My thanks to her!

In Derby, I’ve been staying at the Boab Inn. Any guesses where it gets its name from?

IMG_7878 IMG_7879

Finally, tonight the sky erupted in an amazing electrical storm. Check out the sky in these photos and join me in wishing these clouds away for clear skies tomorrow morning.

IMG_7886 IMG_7882 IMG_7881

3 responses to “DERBY!

  1. Wow AJK just amazing! Will be sure to share your journey with all of the kids and families back here in clinic tomorrow! Take care and safe flying!

  2. Hello again Dr Kornberg!
    Year 1/2 A at St Augustine’s Primary Mossman love looking at your photos and reading about your journey.
    We hope you have a lovely, safe flight and we can’t wait to see you next Tuesday! We are busy designing and constructing our paper planes ready for our Fly-Off competition! See you soon, from Lauren and all her friends in Year 1/2A!

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